In 1982 we developed our first life insurance illustration system on the Radio Shack TRS-80. Now our corporate customers software use developed under the Microsoft .Net platform that runs on Windows or is Web-based. Some of these customers have a nearly twenty year relationship with IMAGISOFT and continue to do business with us because of our unique philosophy, values, and services.

For twenty years we have marketed a NAIC compliant Universal Life Insurance and Term Life Insurance Illustration System and Annuity Illustration System for insurance companies. Each of these products can be distributed together as one integrated system or individually as separate illustration systems. We developed our newest technology, DataNet, under Microsoft's .Net platform. DataNet combines customer data, marketing, illustration, and smart forms, complete with digital signature, under one integrated solution.

If you are a home office employee looking for a complete .Net software solution that will allow your financial representatives share data with the home office via the internet, contact me at the number below for an on-line demonstration.

Our generic Split Annuity Software demonstrates how a three-way split between a single premium immediate, fixed, and equity index annuity can favorably compete with a bank certificate of deposit. We sell this software directly to individual agents or create custom modifications for annuity marketing companies.

We also develop retirement plan related software including 403(b) / 457(b) Maximum Annual Contributions, RMD Calculations, Paycheck Analysis, and Roth IRA software.

If you have any questions about our products and services please contact me directly.


Michael J. Prestwich,
President and Founder

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Toll-free telephone and fax: (877) 510-4702
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