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Redhook's Revenge!

Pirate Educational Board Game

Software Requirements
Windows / DOS PC with 640K RAM (configured such that it has 560K of free Conventional Memory). VGA Monitor required. Mouse recommended. Optional Soundblaster for background music and to hear Blackbeard talk.

The game board in Redhook's Revenge! consists of five sections similar to the one shown below. Press the Space Bar to roll the dice to see where your ship lands. As you can see, Le Boucher isn't too happy that fate has been unkind . . .

Bastain Blood, on the other hand, has faired much better. He successfully navigated Mangrove Passage. Perhaps after this roll he will find hidden treasure, capture a hostage, or fight a seaport.

By Jove, Bastain Blood fought a town! His two cannon were partially victorious over the town's three cannons so he captured some of its gold.

As you can see, Bastain Blood has done right well for himself so far. By correctly answering trivia questions he has earned rope and spare canvas to pull himself free from sandbars. He has a map which may lead to treasure--or disappointment. He has enough food and rum to keep his crew from mutiny. The water is running low so he had better stop at an island for fresh supplies soon or bear the consequences!

Are you ready for Redhook’s Revenge, matey? Are ye fit to sail yer ship ’cross treacherous seas or will ye drown like rats in Poseidon’s depths? Can ye plunder more gold than Blackbeard hisself before ye reach Buccaneer’s Haven, or will ye wind up dryin’ in the sun at Execution Dock? If guts is what ye got, then quit yer squallin’ and give Redhook's Revenge a try, by thunder! There’s plenty of prizes, luck, and gold to roll, and to play duck and drake with ever after.