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ImagiSOFT's Free DOS Games

We currently allow people to download the DOS games we developed in the 1990s from our website for free. However, we still retain the copyrights and intellectual property rights for these games. They cannot be re-sold or distributed without express permission from ImagiSOFT.

Our former $39.95 Movies2Go software is now a free web database located at www.Movies2Go.net and The Color Wizard, our former $29.95 Children's Coloring Book may also be installed from our website for free.

Chinese Checkers. Play Chinese Checkers and watch how we bring this classic game to life. The marbles actually seem to jump off the screen! Challenge up to five opponents and see if you can be the first player to move all your marbles to the opposite side of the board. Nominated for "Best Entertainment Software" and "Best New Product" at the 1992 Shareware Industry Awards. You can move your marbles with the keyboard, but it is easier if you have a mouse. Regular Price: $16.95. Install it today for free! Enter the password, "Master" when prompted to do so.

"Beautifully rendered graphics." -- Compute
"Superb game." --- Personal Computer World

Redhook's Revenge! combines the classic novel Treasure Island with the best elements of Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit into a unique entertainment experience. Players who brush up on ships, pirates, weapons, and nautical history will have a distinct advantage over their opponents. However, in the end, those who earn the most cannons will prevail. Stunning Graphics! Regular Price: 19.95.Install it today for free! Enter the password, "Swords" when prompted to do so.

"Redhook’s Revenge! is so addictive we reckon you’re going to be up till all hours playing this excellent adventure game set in the high seas. A perfect escape!" -- PC Answers Magazine

WARI - The Ancient Game of Africa (also known as Mancala), like chess in Europe, is Africa’s foremost strategy game. It was popular 4,000 years ago with the pharaohs of Egypt and until recently, was restricted to African royalty. This two-player strategy game is deceptively easy to learn, but may take a lifetime to master. Play another person or against one of the computer’s three skill levels.

Wari’s beautiful graphics, animation, background music and sound clips greatly add to the enjoyment in playing this game. The animated tutorial will teach you the rules and winning strategies. Regular Price: 16.95.Install it today for free! Enter the password, "Africa" when prompted to do so.

"An electronic narcotic." -- Computer Gaming World