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Free Children's Educational Coloring Book
The Color Wizard teaches children how to use light, shadows, reflections, texture, perspective, and color, to create their own masterpiece. It is much more than an ordinary coloring book!  Paint with with over 700 different colors. Apply highlights and shadows. Press the Artist Icon for art lessons, or the Book Icon to read the story behind the picture you are coloring.

The Color Wizard has five different coloring books. Each coloring book has ten different pages to color. Click the images below to see what you can do and the pictures you can create!
The Color Wizard - 10 Different Dinosaurs $6.95
The Color Wizard - 10 Different Sharks $6.95
The Color Wizard - 10 Different Aesop's Fables $6.95
Aesop's Fables
The Color Wizard - 10 Different pages of the Rapunzel Fairy Tale $6.95
Rapunzel Fairy Tale
The Color Wizard - 20 Different pages of Mother Goose $9.95
Mother Goose

Currently, we allow people to Install The Color Wizard for Free. However, ImagiSOFT still retains the copyrights and intellectual property rights for this software. It may not be re-sold or distributed without express permission from ImagiSOFT. Our DOS games may also be installed free of charge, and our Movies2Go database is now free on the web at var sc_project=479154; var sc_partition=3;